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Tapping into the
Non QM Market
Realtor's Guide to
"Acres of Diamonds"

By S.T. Smith 

Build your business in this under-served market.

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FREE for Realtors
By S.T. Smith
"Jump to the TOP of
Google Local Ads"
to get Quality Leads booked on your calendar!
Let me show you how!

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Realtor Resource

S.T. Smith wants to help you

grow your business !

"19 Strategies to Get More

Buyer & Seller Leads"

By S.T. Smith

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Grow your business with New Destiny Mortgage!

Another Tool
For Realtors

What is a Bridge Loan
& How Does it Work?

By S.T. Smith

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A bridge loan offers you the opportunity to buy a new house before you’ve sold your current home.

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Pros & Cons
of 40 yr Mortgage

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Down Payment Assistance

Learn the basics of Down Payment Assistance


Take your Open Houses to the Next Level

Click to take advantage of this Free App 

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